Landing at Skellig Michael

Dan McCrohan’s – MV Celtic Victor – landing at Skellig Michael

Boats to Skellig Michael: What You Need to Know

You can watch as many documentaries as you like, read shelf-loads of books, and admire thousands of photos, but nothing quite compares with a Can i buy diclofenac over the counter in uk. Boats to Skellig Michael run only in spring and summer; generally from May to September, so you won’t get to the Skelligs in winter. Indeed, weather is the main deciding factor for any trip to this isolated monastic outpost, so keep an eye on the forecast before you go. What may seem like a flat calm day when you arrive in Portmagee may turn into a dangerous swell by the time you reach Skellig Michael, so be advised that your skipper will rely on years of experience and careful monitoring of weather conditions before making the decision to head to the island.

What You Will See on the Boats to Skellig Michael

Getting to the Skelligs requires advance planning and good weather, but once you have your boat tickets booked and the weather gods smile on you, prepare for the voyage of a lifetime. On the 45-minute boat trip, you will pass the “snow”-capped Little Skellig, home to thousands of nesting (and very loud) sea birds, particularly gannets, who have made it the largest gannet colony in Ireland. You may also see other marine life such as seals, basking sharks, and Minke whales.

Advice When Taking the Boats to Skellig Michael

When you reach Skellig Michael, be sure to listen carefully to your skipper’s instructions, as disembarking onto the island requires your care and attention. You will make the return journey about 2 ½ hours later.
In the intervening time, you can be assured of one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Boat Skippers

Donal McCrohan Web Site Portmagee
Fionan Murphy Web Site Skellig Experience
Seanie Murphy Web Site Portmagee
Timmy Casey  Web Site  Portmagee
Pat Joe Murphy 00353 87 2342168 Portmagee
Michael O’Sullivan 00353 87 4178268 Portmagee
Brendan Casey Web Site Portmagee
Patrick Casey 00353 87 2287519 Portmagee
Nealie Lyne 00 353 87 6871261 Portmagee
Jamie Duff 00353 87 4645824 Portmagee
John O’Shea 00 353 87 6898431 Caherdaniel
Dermot Walsh 00353 86 8339549 Portmagee
 Paul Devane  Web Site Portmagee


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